Over the Easter weekend I posted on Facebook and Instagram asking if your child/ren was making the most of the extra days off and being active.

I did this with a specific reason in mind, being active doesn’t always mean that you must be doing an organised sport or event and it doesn’t always have to cost you money.

Over our Easter break my family and I headed up north to Kalbarri for a few days to recharge the batteries. Whilst we did do some lazing around the swimming pool and watched the odd movie, we ensured that every day we were out being active with our kids. On one of the days we walked down to the grassed area on the beach, where spent a good hour or two kicking rugby and soccer balls, tackling each other and throwing and catching a torpedo ball.

The subsequent two days were spent checking out the fantastic scenery that is on offer in Kalbarri. On the first day we decided to explore the Coastal Cliffs, this involved walking (and climbing rocks at times) whilst we completed the 3km Mushroom Rock Nature Trail and the 1.2 km Bigurda Boardwalk.  The following day was a BIG day, where we explored the Inland River Gorges, this involved walking and climbing even more rocks! We completed the West Loop Lookout, Natures Window, Z-Bend Lookout, Z-Bend River Trail, Hawks Head and Ross Graham Lookout, totalling a massive 6.4 kms!

Even if your child/ren are young, you can still get them being active. We completed day one with our five and two year old nephews. The five year old walked the whole way whilst the two year old was carried only towards the very end. They even came back on day two for some of it!

Not only did our kids get plenty of activity whilst we were away they explored some fascinating scenery, witnessed whales and emus in the wild, breathed in the fresh air and most importantly had an absolute ball!

Check out some of the photos below!

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