5 Minutes with our Brand Ambassador - Junior Tennis Player - Anastasija Stokic

To celebrate the start of the first tennis grand slam for the 2017 tennis season, we have interviewed some of our Brand Ambassadors. Throughout the next  2 weeks keep an eye out to read why our Brand Ambassadors play tennis and why they love wearing Honoré Activewear.

Introducing Anastasija Stokic 

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How old are you?

Where do you live? 
Gold Coast

How many years have you been playing tennis for?
since I was 2... so 6 years

How many hours/days per week do you train? 
I train 5 days a week 

What tennis competitions do you play (tournaments, pennants etc)?
JDS competitions and club championships

What colour tennis balls are you playing with?
Green Ball

Why do you play tennis?
Because its fun, healthy and active and I get to play with a lot of kids

Who are your favourite tennis players and why?
Novak Djokovic because he always does a lot for kids

What is your favourite Tennis Grand Slam and why?
The Australian Open because its my home slam and I can go every year 

What are your goals/dreams?
To keep on trying hard until I become number 1 and I wont stop until I get there. I also want to help kids like Novak does

What is your favourite surface to play on?

What do you think of the Honoré Activewear range?
The Honoré Activewear range is so comfortable to play in. It sits well on me and looks great... I get a lot of good feedback from other people who see me in it. They love the way it looks on me

Do you have a favourite Honoré Activewear outfit?
The black and white one

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