Honoré Activewear - My Story

Life always throws different challenges at you, how you handle situations and bounce back is entirely up to you.

During many years working in the corporate world in London, New Zealand and Australia I faced many challenges. However, the biggest challenges didn’t start until I became a working mum. It’s very interesting watching how you are perceived in the corporate world once you become a mum and the extra challenges that seem to get thrown your way, particularly for those of us who only worked part time.

I spent 8 years fighting the challenges and in 2014 I had had enough. I took 12 months off from the corporate world and it was the best decision I have ever made. When you stop having to constantly juggle so many different balls and stop putting out many fires, your mind clears and ideas and opportunities become a lot more apparent.

It was a hot summer day in early 2015 and I was watching my daughter play tennis. I had always struggled to find her matching tennis outfits so resorted to buying them from the US. I was most concerned when I saw her constantly lifting her top up and scratching her belly. By the time she came off the court she was red raw.

We came straight home and she showered and covered herself in soothing cream. I then spent time researching the internet to find out why. It was easy to diagnose the problem, she was wearing polyester which is a man made product and doesn’t breathe. Definitely not an ideal product to be wearing on a hot summers day while playing sport.

At that moment a light bulb came on in my head and Honoré Activewear was born. If I was struggling to find good quality matching activewear that doesn’t irritate the skin, other parents must have the same problem. So with this I created Honoré Activewear, which is Australian Made and designed and all fabrics touching a childs sensitive skin is made from natural and breathable fabrics. We pride ourselves on quality, our designs and our excellence in customer service.

I spent the next 6 months researching fabrics, researching the market, finding suppliers in Australia and working on designs. On 19 October 2015, my dream came alive and my cart function on my website was ‘live’. Since then, the dream has been manifesting more and more and our goal is to have retail stores across Australia in the future.

It has now become my belief that when life throws you to the ground, getting back up can take you to the most magnificent of places. It built my strength and resilience but most of all it gave me my life back and a dream worth pursuing.

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