The Benefits of Wearing Honoré Activewear for Junior Tennis Players

Honoré Activewear’s clothing range is ideally suited to all junior tennis players.  Not only are the colours and styles of the Debut Collection bright and funky but all fabric against the childs skin is made from cotton. There are so many advantages of having cotton against the skin, particularly when playing tennis on a hot day which has been evident in the feedback I have been receiving from recent purchases.

The Boys Debut Collection is made from premium cotton back sports mesh. It has the comfort of cotton against the skin plus advanced wicking properties for quick drying.  The shorts have been designed to ensure that all sized tennis balls (red, orange, green and yellow) can fit comfortably in the pockets. This is particularly important as it teaches boys from a young age to keep tennis balls in their pockets, rather than lying around on the tennis court which poses a potential serious ankle injury.

The Girls Debut Collection ensures that all fabric against their skin is made from premium quality combed cotton lycra. The cotton offers extra softness, strength and breathability. There are several different styled tennis tops which can be mixed and matched with either tennis skirts or tennis shorts.  Both the skirts and shorts have built in shorts underneath which allows the girls to place the tennis ball under these shorts.

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