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The Vision for Honoré Activewear is “To Inspire Children to be Active”.

These days it seems there are so many barriers/distractions for kids and as a result kids seem to be doing less and less activity. Parents are working more hours, there is a greater workload on homework and schooling, our backyards are getting smaller and then of course we have tablets, phones and gaming consoles.

I ensure that my business vision also forms part of our family vision. I believe that if children incorporate activity into their everday life it follows them through to their adult life. As a result my children started Swimming lessons at 6 months old, Tennis at 4 years old, Rugby at 5 years old, Touch Rugby at 8 years old and Crossfit for Kids at 7 years old. Yes, both of my kids are still doing all of these sports/activities and yes, I spend 7 days a week running them around the countryside, however they wouldn’t have it any other way. Whilst I do not suggest that parents engage their kids in this level of activity I do feel that some parents need to do more.

There is so much evidence that advises us parents that for the better health and well being of our children it is important that they are active. I even recently posted an article on Facebook which showed research that provided evidence that a childs brain develops better in a child that has been active.

If you find it too hard to run your kids around to after school and weekend activities, try doing other things to encourage them to be active:

  • Go for a bike ride together on the weekend
  • Walk to the shops/school, rather than taking the car
  • Play a game of tennis together
  • Kick a footy/soccer ball around in the park
  • Take the kids to the park and let them climb and play on the equipment

There are endless activities you can do with your child just get a little creative and have some fun together!

Good luck!

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