Advice for Tennis Parents

Junior tennis players are influenced by the actions, opportunities and feedback received from their parents. It is sometimes difficult for tennis parents to know what and how they should communicate with their child to best support them. This article will help give some advice on the best way to help your tennis junior so that they will hopefully enjoy their tennis and perform the best they can.

One of the major elements is to know what role/roles the parents must adopt so it is important that you understanding your child’s tennis journey and how it can be enhanced.

Every person is an individual with different needs, interests and potential and the parents play a major role in achieving their child’s desired goals. Try not to compare your child to others as their support and needs will be different and focus on what they need. Tennis is a long journey e.g. starting at 8 years old to 18 and what they want from their tennis at 8 will definitely be different to what they want when they are 18, so it is important for the parents to continually change during this journey.

Below are three factors that can help you focus on your child as an individual and support them as they progress in tennis.

  1. Clear Goals

Do you know what your child’s dream is? What are Read More

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