Is an Individual Sport or Team Sport best for your kids? How Tennis is the Perfect Choice

Whilst in a perfect world we would have our children playing every sport possible, this isn’t always an achievable goal. When helping choose what sort of sport you enrol your children in, choosing whether they do an individual or team sport is an important consideration. Here we examine the positives and negatives of your children doing an individual or team sport and provide you with what may be the perfect solution, Tennis, a sport which is both an individual sport and a team sport.

 Individual Sport



No possibility of other team members disappointing you.

No development of team work skills

Easier to find a time and location to train

Less bonds built with those around you

Less likely to require expensive uniforms

More difficult to makes friends

Less level of commitment required

Less level of commitment required

Learn to be self-reliant

May allow for laziness in your children

Allow your children to progress at their own pace



Team Sport



Develops relationships and friendships

Possible negative influences from team mates

Develops team work

Strict practice and game times

Highly valued when attempting to join the work force

Expensive uniforms

Develops life skills

Pressure from team members

Encourages family involvement

More commitment required

Research suggests they are more enjoyable than individual sports

If not a strong player, may be excluded from games/matches

Motivation from team members may increase performance



Is Tennis the perfect combination?

As you can clearly see there are positives and negatives of your kids playing both an individual sport and a team sport. How then do you get the best of both worlds? The perfect option when considering a team sport for your kids is to enrol them in a sport which involves both team work and individual sporting pursuits at the same time.

The best example of a sport that gets the benefits of both an individual sport and team sports is Tennis. If you enrol your child to play at a tennis club they get the self-reliance of playing on their own and having some flexibility with the amount and times they train, whilst having the community and friendships of the tennis club. In addition to this, tennis is a great way to have your children playing an individual sport and a team sport as they can play singles, doubles or both. If your children are playing both singles and doubles, they really are getting the benefits of an individual sport and a team sport. Another way that your children can feel the team spirit with tennis is when they are competing in pennants, where they are not only playing in a club team but are also representing themselves and their tennis club. With this you know that you have to work hard for your tennis club team, and have team members cheering you on, but the independence of being the only one who can get that singles win.

There is no questioning that if your kids are playing sport either as an individual or in a team they will be benefiting. If your children are time poor however, tennis may be the perfect solution to get them into a sport that involves both team work and individual progression simultaneously.

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