Comfort and Confidence- why it is important your kids are comfortable when they play Tennis

It is well documented that one of the keys to success is confidence. This is the same for Tennis. One of the best ways to help your children to be confident when they are playing Tennis is by making sure that they are comfortable in what they are wearing.

One of the first things to consider when purchasing tennis clothes for your kids is whether they will be comfortable and confident in what they are wearing whilst they are playing tennis. There are two points that need to be addressed.

Firstly, they must be wearing clothing that fits them properly and is of a material that won’t irritate their skin. If your kids are wearing something that is too long for them for example, they may find it difficult to run and this will ultimately impact their performance. If what they are wearing irritates their skin, it is also likely they will be distracted, thinking about how itchy their skin is rather than remaining focused on the game. Here at Honoré Activewear we know the importance of this and have considered it in our designs, both with the fit of our pieces and also the material we use. The photo at the end of this blog is after my daughter wore a polyester tennis top during her private lesson – it wasn’t even a hot day and it was only 1 hour in length! When your kids don’t have any issues with their clothing they will be more focused on their game and feel more sure about what they are doing which will directly increase their confidence.

The other way that comfort is linked to confidence, is making sure that your kids feel comfortable with how they look. If you have your kids wearing stylish clothing, they are more likely to be comfortable with their image and this will directly increase their confidence. This means not only what they are wearing should be stylish but it should also be tasteful and appropriate for what they are doing. Whilst our clothing range isn’t exclusively for Tennis, all of our outfits are perfect Tennis outfits. The bright colours are ones that kids love and absolutely love to wear. This means they are proud of what they are wearing and walk out onto the Tennis Court with confidence.

Having your kids feeling comfortable with what they are wearing will give them an undefeatable confidence on the Tennis Court. This confidence will only continue to grow as they build their reputation as the most stylish and successful tennis player in their area. Get your kids feeling comfortable and confident on the tennis court today by dressing them in the best clothing available. Check out our range available in our shop and get your kids feeling confident today. 

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