Last week I turned on the TV to hear some alarming news – They have found asbestos in the roof panels that have been installed in our childrens hospital that is currently being built in Perth. Apparently there are other buildings within Australia which have used the same product. These panels came from a manufacturer in China.  Asbestos imports into Australia have been banned for more than 10 years – so how does something like this happen? The horrific side effects and illnesses that asbestos causes has been well documented and it is a major concern that this has been found in a place where our sickest children would be getting treated.  What about our unsuspecting trades people who have been installing the product? What would have happened if someone didn’t stumble across this?

This is not the first time that cheaper overseas products have been dangerous for consumers. It wasn’t that long ago where frozen berries were recalled after a number of people were infected with Hepatitis A and in 2007 where childrens toys from China were recalled due to lead paint being used.

Unfortunately for so many businesses and consumers the total cost of a product has become a major decision in what they will purchase. However, do they really know what is in the product they are purchasing? Has the product been made in ethical environments?

Here at Honoré Activewear we ensure that we purchase our fabrics from Australian wholesalers, the manufacturing of our products is entirely done in Australia, our quality control checking is done in Australia and we engage the services of an Australian owned and operated SEO provider. We are proud to be entirely Australian designed and manufactured and we are proud to support Australian wholesalers, manufacturers, other businesses and the overall Australian economy.

I am not delusional and I do understand that money doesn’t simply grow on the tree in our backyard but next time you make a purchase, pause and just think about what the real cost is to you and your family.

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