Do You Take Our Sunny Winter Days for Granted?

So often I feel that we take things for granted in life. Here in Australia, particularly Perth I feel that we take our weather and our ability to be outside during winter months for granted.

Earlier this month my family had to fly to New Zealand for an unplanned holiday as a result of a family tragedy. The first week we were there we had constant torrential rain, there was never an opportunity to get outside, run, play and be active. Whilst the second week was a little better it was still wet and the ground was muddy and overrun with water and it was cold. 

On Sunday whilst my daughter was playing tennis I was chatting with her opponents Mum. They had recently arrived from China and her daughter was struggling to cope with the outdoor elements of the sun and wind. In China, because of the high level of pollution, her daughter had never trained or played tennis or any other sport outside.

It really got me thinking about just how lucky we are to have the sunny days that we do during our winter months and quality fresh air!  How do parents get their kids outside being active in winter in places like Europe, USA and Canada where they have freezing conditions?  

So earlier this week I made a decision to not take our weather for granted, to make the most of our sunny winter days. I picked my kids up from school and took them to a free outdoor exercise park close to where we live. We took our skipping ropes, set up a ladder and made good use of all of the free exercise equipment. We all got involved and we were all outside being active and enjoying the sunny afternoon.

So with only a few days forecasted for rain over the next seven, what activities are you going to do outside with your kids?

For those of you living in Perth, I would love to hear of other free exercise places I can take my kids to next week.


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