Is Your Child Playing Tennis The Way You Want?

Are you concerned about your child's behaviour and/or performance in tennis - whether during tennis lessons or at tennis matches?

Here are some of the most common reasons why you may feel anxious/ worried or downright 'stressed out'.

You may perceive your son or daughter:

  • generally 'not behaving' as you would like him/her to
  • not paying enough attention to the tennis coach
  • 'playing about' and not focusing on playing tennis
  • generally not being competive enough
  • not winning important or 'easy' games
  • not confident enough when playing tennis
  • not coping with the pressure of playing tennis at a high level
  • tired, stressed and 'fed up' with tennis

In addition you may feel that your child's tennis coach is not dealing with your son or daughter as you would wish - too harsh or too soft.

The Tennis Coach's Concerns

You can be sure though that your tennis coach is Read More

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