Some gift ideas for a Tennis obsessed child

Buying a gift for a child who is obsessed with tennis does come with its challenges. Whilst I want my child to enjoy the everyday things that normal children her age enjoy, when it comes to presents I don’t want to be buying her things that she just doesn’t want or won’t even use.

There is never a need for me to buy her tennis clothing or socks because all of this is provided to her from Honoré Activewear. Besides, when I bought her tennis clothing before I started my business she used to get skin irritations from the polyester. Over the years she has collected more tennis posters than she has space for on her bedroom wall so this is also not option.

She does love going to the Hompan Cup in Perth and with kids tickets being just over $10 each it is definitely something that she gets for her Birthday or Christmas presents. Watching some of the best tennis players at the Hompan Cup is also something I love to do so it is something we can enjoy together - even though at times I feel like a groupie standing with her whilst she is trying to get photos and/or autographs from the tennis players.

All year she has been harassing me for a new tennis bag. She does have one but clearly she feels that a 3 racquet size bag isn’t big enough for a 10 year old! So for her birthday I went out and bought her a new 9 racquet tennis bag for her to fit her 2 racquets , towel and hat! Rather than just give her the tennis racquet bag, I filled it up with some tennis goodies. Inside was a toiletry bag filled with some of the necessary things a tennis player needs – tissues, bandaids, a refreshing foot spray, strapping, scissors, deodorant and  suncream. Also in the tennis bag was a cooler bag to keep her drinks cold, a pocket size Word Search to keep her entertained between matches at tennis tournaments as well as a Tennis Competition Journal. Recently she has been writing down all of her tennis results in a little note book which was in her tennis bag but after lots of internet researching I came across the “Tennis Competition Journal”. The hard back journal does have space for her to write her results in but it also covers off on lots of other things including; Areas Happy With, Areas to Improve, Thoughts on Emotions/Mental effort etc.  Needless to say, she loved getting the new 9 racquet tennis bag but she also loved what was inside.  At least now when she is wearing the 9 racquet tennis bag it doesn’t look entirely empty!

If you are interested in more information about the Tennis Competition Journal, head to Brook Street Notes website - Tennis Competition Journal.

They do ship their products to Australia and I can confirm that it arrives reasonably quickly. You can also purchase the product directly through them from eBay.

Hopefully I have given you all some different ideas for your tennis obsessed child! If you have any ideas for a tennis obsessed child I would love to hear them – I have got through this Birthday and Christmas but there is always next year.

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