Spring into Sport this Spring

Winter is finally over, and spring is the perfect time to get your kids into Sport. Take advantage of the longer days and the finer weather and get your whole family active this Spring.

Enrol your kids in a new sport
One of the best ways to get your kids really active this Spring is by enrolling them in a new Sport. Thinking about your kids sport in Spring will mean that you don’t miss the deadline for summer sports such as little athletics or tennis. A lot of sports have open days and enrolments at this time of year. Take your kids to any open days that they are interested in and talk to the organisers about any trials that they have going on prior to the summer season starting.

Make the most of the daylight hours
One of the best parts of Spring is that the sun starts to rise earlier and set later. This means that you have more time to spend at the park or out exercising with your kids. Whether it is going for a walk before school, or kicking a ball after school, there are heaps of great ways that you can embrace the weather and embrace kids sport in Spring. Try sneaking some extra outdoor activities in after dinner if you have time too.

Make the most of the weather
Here at Honoré Activewear, rain hail or shine we get out and about and get involved with sport. If you or your kids aren’t too keen on getting a bit soggy, now is the perfect time to get involved in sport. The sunshine days will start to outnumber the rainy days. Spring can be a bit hit and miss with the weather, but there is no denying that the sunshine days will start to increase. Make sure that every day of sunshine you are outside with your kids. The good weather also means that you can do things such as walking to and from school or walking down to the shops. The other amazing benefit of Spring weather is that it is a happy medium between being warm enough to be comfortable outside and too warm that it is too hot to exercise. Getting into these habits now will mean that you are more likely to brave the weather come next winter.

Explore, explore, explore
One of the most beautiful times of year is Spring. Use the beauty of nature as an incentive to get your kids active. Take your kids out to look at the wild flowers. Use the beauty of Spring to get your kids active. Sport doesn’t have to be an organised activity, it can just be a picnic in the sun at the beach with a game of beach cricket. The world is a beautiful place and Spring is a great time to explore it. Get into some unconventional activities and kids sport in Spring.

Spring offers you no excuses to not get your kids into sport. Enjoy the sunshine and explore some new kids sport in Spring.


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