Active Kids – wear or where? - Review by Urbantutu

“Congratulations, your baby is in the top 90 percentile of height” , was the first thing I remember a doctor telling me a good nine years ago . I didn’t really know back then what that could mean for my Princess. All I could think of was “woo- hoo, we either have a super model or a basketball player”… WINNING! Along with the blessing of the height, however, I have had one major challenge for my Princess; the difficulty in finding ‘age appropriate’ clothing. I have a stunning 9 year...

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Getting active with the kids – review by Kirsty from My Home Truths

I’ve had a dream for a long time. A dream that involves all 5 of us loving the outdoors, getting active and enjoying each others company. We’d be healthy. We’d be happy. It’s a beautiful dream. It really is. It seems so simple and fun and healthy. So why does it never happen? The reality is there are a few things holding us back from that perfect dream of getting active....... read full review

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