To All Whom It May Concern: An Open Letter to a Hockey Dad

Dear Mr. Purple Hockey Dad,

We haven't actually met, but I became aware of you the other day at the championship ice hockey game at the rink. Your son's team, "Purple," was playing my son's team, "Green" for the elite Squirt Division (9- and 10-year olds) championship trophy, also known (not commonly) as the gold star trophy. No fancy Cup named after anyone in particular, but a simple gold star.

You first made your presence known when team Purple entered the rink. You cheered, loudly, dutifully, full of the pride a father feels (you know, the "that's my boy"-type) when his son is participating in a major sporting event such as this.

Heartwarming as it was, it was immediately overshadowed by your lack of restraint in letting team Green know they were completely unworthy of sharing the ice with Purple.  Your Read More

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