True Sportswomanship - The Olympic Spirit

While competing in the Olympics, every athlete wants to perform at their best. Sometimes, other things are simply more important than finishing in first place. Just over 3,000 metres into a semifinal of the women’s 5,000 metre race, two runners got tangled up and fell to the track. 

As New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin tripped and fell to the track, Abbey D’Agostino from the United States couldn’t avoid the collision. After falling to the ground, D’Agostino  helped Hamblin to her feet in order to continue the race.

A few metres later, D’Agostino collapsed again and even crawled on all fours.

However, Hamblin wouldn’t leave her side and made sure she could stay on her feet. Eventually, D’Agostino told Hamblin to go ahead and continued to hobble to the finish.....Read More

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