Use the Olympics to get your Children into Sport

If you have a TV in your house, it is likely that you have had the Olympics playing over the last couple of weeks. The Olympics can have a positive impact on your life, whether you are a potential Olympian or not.  Use the Olympics to inspire yourself and your children to do more sport. Here we share some tips on how you can use the Olympics to get your children into sport.

Talk to your kids about the sports on TV

First of all, get your kids involved when you are watching  sport on TV. Talk to your children about the sports, share with them any knowledge or experience you have with the sport. Discuss the athletes competing in the sport, ask them who their favourite athletes are. The first step in getting kids active is to get them interested in sport. Use the Olympics as a conversation starter, ask your kids if they are interested in trying any of the sports they watched during the Olympics in Term 4. Using sport in the conversations you have with your kids will get them interested in participating in sport.

Take your kids outside to give some Olympic sports a go

With the Olympics now coming to a close now, is the  perfect time to take your kids out and give some of the Olympic sports a go. If they enjoyed watching  the Opals or Boomers play, why not take them down to the closest courts and throw a basketball around. Why not head down to the local oval and have a running race with your kids. Either pretend to be Usain Bolt, or let them have the joy of winning. Use the past 2 weeks of the Olympics to get your children into sport, by getting them to try new sports.

Host your own mini Olympics

No matter how many children you have, or how much time you have, you can host your own mini Olympics. Have a few sports and get your children active. Another way to capitalise on this is by using it as a great opportunity to do some craft and make medals or participation certificates. Mum and Dad can be a part of it too. Either be a participant yourself, or be a host. I guarantee that your children will have loads of fun. Hosting a mini Olympics is a great way to use the Olympics to get your children into sport.

Get your kids dressed up for sports

Use the Olympics to get your kids excited about their exercise clothes. What children wear whilst they are exercising is an important part of them enjoying exercise and wanting to exercise. Get your children excited to be wearing the colour of their team in your own mini Olympics. Get your children into good habits at a young age, so as they grow older they feel comfortable and confident in their exercise clothes. Here at Honoré Activewear our kids love getting dressed up in their bright Honoré Activewear outfits as they pretend to be Olympians. You can take a look at our top sellers here. Use the Olympics to get your children into sport by getting them excited about wearing their ‘exercise uniform’. 

In conclusion, there are a few easy ways that you can use the Olympics to get your children into sport. Why not try some new sports with your children today?

Get your children talking about the sports they see on TV.  Go outside with your children and try a new sport. Host your own mini Olympics and therefore get your children to try lots of sports. Give your children lasting confidence in their sport by getting them dressed in their favourite exercise clothing. 

We would love to hear the Olympic stories in your household and how you have used the Olympics to get your children into sport or trying a different sport. 


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