Yoga for Kids

It is well known that Yoga is good for us adults. It helps clear our mind, releases tension, improves flexibility, builds muscle strength, perfects our posture and the list keeps going on. So when Mel from Twisting Peacock Yoga in Osborne Park contacted us about trying out a kids yoga session, we jumped at the opportunity.

With two very active children, who only ever slow down and breathe deeply when they are sleeping, I thought that it was going to be a rather challenging and interesting experience for both them and Mel. However, what a fantastic hour of exercise for the mind and body it was for not only my two kids but the other 6 or 7 kids that were there too.

I witnessed my children slowing down, taking deep breathes and really focussing on what Mel was saying and demonstrating. I watched them stretch their well-developed and used muscles out.

Is one yoga session enough for me and my children to see any immediate benefit – Probably Not. However, they did behave beautifully when we went to the shops after the session, not sure if this was just a coincidence or not?

What I will say is that with two children who do the level of sports and activities that mine do, it is definitely something I want to try and fit into our schedule. I think it will be a fantastic opportunity for them to calm their minds and body and really help with their muscle strength and flexibility.

I would like to thank Mel from Twisting Peacock Yoga for giving us the opportunity to try Yoga for Kids, Leah from She Shells Photography who took the fantastic photos of the kids. The kids looked good and felt comfortable in their clothing provided by Honoré  Activewear and Leotard Emporium.

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