An avoidable injury on the tennis court

I have spent many years playing tennis and I know just how painful a sprained ankle is and just how long it takes you to recover from a sprain and an ankle reconstruction. Therefore I am so fanatical about not having tennis balls lying around on or just behind a tennis court. You can imagine my fears then, when at Sunday pennants and tennis tournaments last year I would see kids put the spare ball just behind their feet whilst they hit their first serve. If they missed their first...

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Honoré Activewear - My Story

Life always throws different challenges at you, how you handle situations and bounce back is entirely up to you. During many years working in the corporate world in London, New Zealand and Australia I faced many challenges. However, the biggest challenges didn’t start until I became a working mum. It’s very interesting watching how you are perceived in the corporate world once you become a mum and the extra challenges that seem to get thrown your way, particularly for those of us who only worked part time. I spent 8...

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Getting active with the kids – review by Kirsty from My Home Truths

I’ve had a dream for a long time. A dream that involves all 5 of us loving the outdoors, getting active and enjoying each others company. We’d be healthy. We’d be happy. It’s a beautiful dream. It really is. It seems so simple and fun and healthy. So why does it never happen? The reality is there are a few things holding us back from that perfect dream of getting active....... read full review

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