All Honore activewear


My girls have their outfits and they absolutely love them.  They wash incredibly well and Lulu loves the feel on her skin.  This time of year is always difficult for her, so it is nice to have something comfortable that looks so good for her to wear on sore skin.  Ava insists on wearing her outfit every weekend, so it has had a lot of washes and has not faded or changed shape or size.

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Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of my order. I was blown away with the high quality of the clothes.

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Feedback from one of our Brand Ambassadors

She is loving the outfits, forgot my camera the day she had the black and white on so will get some next weekend when's she playing. Her comments so far have been the skirt and shorts are great they stay in place and she is not adjusting them on the tennis court.  I asked her if she finds the outfits stick to her and she said no, it doesn't feel heavy when she is sweating she said. So big thumbs up from her😊☺️ I want to say how well they...

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I recently bought a pair of tracksuit pants for my 8 year old daughter with zips at the bottom of the legs. They look great and feel great as well. Extra warm for her early morning gym comps and I love the zips at the bottom as you don't have to take her shoes off when it's time to take them off and compete. Great buy!!

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Finally I have found a pair of shorts for my son that is super comfortable and totally functional.  What do I mean? My son plays tennis, and thanks to the design of these shorts whenever he needs to serve he is able to have his second ball ready in his pockets.  The pockets in these shorts are fantastic as it fits the tennis ball perfectly without him having to fumble to put it in or take it out.  Previously he used to leave the second ball on the court behind...

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